Jamaica Bible Seminary College

Welcome to Jamaica Bible Seminary
If you would like detailed information about this college, please visir our About Us section.
Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to review the promotional video. This video describes the impact JBS is making on the island of Jamaica and how you can partner with us in this valuable ministry.

The mission of Jamaica Bible Seminary is to produce Christ-centered, Bible-based maturing servants of Jesus Christ, who think Biblically, live Spirit-filled lives, fulfill the great commission and glorify God in all they do. Please pray for this ministry, spread the word, and contact us for more information.

Goals for Jamaica Christian College

  1. Work with Caribbean construction to build 10 new churches and provide training for preachers for the same.
  2. Begin training leaders for 11 existing churches that have a great need for raising up young men for ministry. This is beyond the 25 churches currently served.
  3. Begin extension schools for leadership training in key cities at various geographical points throughout the island: Mineral Heights, Mandeville, Top Hill, Savannah-La-Mar, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios (Gayle/Upton), besides Kingston main campus.
  4. Continue training men for ministry at Kingston campus, and invite women to the student body to prepare them for Christian education ministries. Add a dual class for advanced and beginner students. Phase in full time day or night classes conducted by qualified Jamaican teachers.
  5. Provide computers to each evangelism center for e-mail communications. Current postal services take 3 weeks for mail to arrive and 3 weeks to receive an answer.
  6. Provide teacher training seminars and Abeka material for Christian basic schools among the churches.
  7. Provide medical/dental/eye clinics at various student churches to meet the felt needs in order to reach the real spiritual needs.
  8. Communications: newsletters written by Jamaicans about Jamaicans. Publishing Sunday school materials with a Caribbean flavor. Radio broadcasts to evangelize the island for the New Testament churches.